Little Chef Summer Camp

Me and @auni.cooks will be hosting our first ever Little Chef Sumer Camp this August 8-12. Your child will learn how to safely make easy and healthy meals and snacks. Each day we will learn something new all while having fun! If your child has expressed any type of interest in cooking, or just loves food, this is the perfect camp! This will be a hands on experience and your child will leave feeling confident in the kitchen.
For ages 4-8 we will be learning:
kitchen safety
how to spread, pour, measure and peel foods
table etiquette and manners
adding ingredients
helping in the kitchen
working with others
washing fruits and veggies
& more
For ages 9-15 we will be learning:
how to read and write labels and recipes
learn what cooking tools do and what they are used for
kitchen safety
menu planning
nutrition and the importance of eating healthy
what different herbs and spices are used for
what to look for when grocery shopping
& more
Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients and recipes but also about imagination, creativity and empowerment!
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