About Made by Madi

I am happiest when I'm in the kitchen. And the only thing I love more than cooking, eating, and binge watching my current show is watching others enjoy and find inspiration through food (specifically my food). If you have been following long enough, you remember my blog Food Over Everything and that is still my motto.  

And while we are just getting started, my dream is that someday Made by Madi will be the one stop shop for everything needed to make home cooking easier, more enjoyable and be a safe place for learning, sharing and creating life long memories surrounded by good food. My goal is to help everyone feel comfortable in the kitchen because even though not everyone has time for homemade, everyone deserves it. 

If there are any flavors or new products you'd like to see, just @ us on social (madebymadi.store). We are all ears. I will add to my extremely long ideas page on my notes app as soon as I see your ideas. 

with love,



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