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I am happiest when I'm in the kitchen. And the only thing I love more than cooking, eating, and binge watching my current show is watching others enjoy and find inspiration through food (specifically my food). If you have been following long enough, you remember my blog Food Over Everything and that is still my motto.  

And while we are just getting started, my dream is that someday Made by Madi will be the one stop shop for everything needed to make home cooking easier, more enjoyable and be a safe place for learning, sharing and creating life long memories surrounded by good food. My goal is to help everyone feel comfortable in the kitchen because even though not everyone has time for homemade, everyone deserves it. 

If there are any flavors or new products you'd like to see, just @ us on social (madebymadi.store). We are all ears. I will add to my extremely long ideas page on my notes app as soon as I see your ideas. 

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Based on 23 reviews
Garlic and herb

One of my favorite if not my favorite seasonings! I highly recommend this!! Must have!! Thanks Madi!!

Great flavor! Excellent customer service and quick delivery.

Game changer

I bought this seasoning without a plan on how to use it, just because it sounded delicious. I ended up using it in coffee, tea, pancake/waffle mix and as a rim for apple cider mimosa. TOO GOOD!!

Great taste. Amazing flavor. And the container is cute and reusable.

Great flavor and quality

Love this among other seasons by Madi. This is a great substitute when you don’t feel cutting onions.

Garlic & Herb
Joya M.
Garlic & Herb goes CRAZY


Perfect on everything. Chef Madi is the best 🤌🏾🔥🔥🔥

Totally Satisfied

Excellent flavor and taste on just about everything!!

Excellent service and product!

The flavors are vibrant. They will add depth to any meal you incorporate these spices.

Great blend!

Love the flavor! Used it in my coffee too!

Great flavor

LOVE! Use it for everything.

Honey BBQ Seasoning Review

Seasoning was very good! I used it on ribs and chicken and they were very tasty and I was very impressed.


This one is something special! It turns boring grilled chicken breast into something! Too good. 11/10 recommend


I love these bags!! The stretch is amazing and it holds more than I thought. I loved it so much I had to get another one. Def worth it!

Honey Collection Set
Joya M.
Honey Collection Set

Oh my Goodness! This set of seasonings is everything! Especially that Honey mustard!!!!!!!!! Tastes amazing on chicken. I will use it every time! 🤌🏾

Best recipes ever

Wow wow wow wow wow

Absolutely Amazing

Every single seasoning is absolutely AMAZING😍 my favorite is the grilling dry rub I put that on everything!!

I completed the 10 day flat tummy plan and I’m now using it again to get my desired results. I absolutely love every recipe and how simple it is along with the detailed workouts. If you’re consistent you WILL see results!! Ladies get on this plan ASAP!

Seasoned Pepper
Christine P.
My new favorite spice

This is my new favorite spice. I put it in everything. It’s like pepper, but better. Can’t live with out it.

Seasoned Salt & Pepper

I love these two seasonings. All the daily cooking spices in one. I use these two spices in replace of salt, pepper and garlic powder. Great job Chef Madi. I will reorder when I am out.


Gave my bagel and cream cheese new life.

great set!

the seasonings smell and taste fresh and really flavorful, some of my new go toys. my favorite is the grilling dry rub, so good!! the everything bagel seasoning also tastes great on avocado- yum! if I had to note a slight issue (which isn't a problem for me at all, I just couldn't think of another word) it's that the jar doesn't come with a sifter cap so be careful opening it. however, my order came with mini spoons for each jar and a teaspoon also works so you'll be fine. the jar size is also very generous so you most certainly get what you pay for.. will buy again. tysm!

I use this instead of cinnamon

Whenever a recipe calls for cinnamon, sub this in, egg nog, banana bread, french toast, coffee....


These spices are all you need in your spice cabinet. I use them on everything, try the chicken seasoning on seafood! I have to hide the grill seasoning from my visitors, so I have it when I need it!!

They make great gifts too.